The Priestly Project

*The Priestly Project is shield of unity amongst everyone that want to make sure that the personal expenses of the pastors are taken care of since Pastors Mark & Kim do not take a salary from the ministry. They have always believe God for everything they need concerning whatever it might be.
*The Priestly Project also assist with personal traveling, new media equipment, new television studio, or special traveling materials etc. Whatever the assignment is for the Kings and Priests message to be heard all over the world.
*The Priestly Project is designed so, that the Pastors Mark & Kim does not have to make sure these things are available for themselves. This allows them to become free in their teaching of the Word of God with simplicity without guilt. This is for an individual that has a heart after God!
*The Priestly Project is a minimum monthly donation commitment of $20. If this is something you was looking for to help support the Pastors Mark & Kim Thomas. We encourage you to start today!

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