Ministry Departments

These Are the areaS we focus the Passion to Transform the Lives of many


— King Kidz (Ages 1-12)

The King Kidz is a place where our little ones learn to know Jesus intimately. The King Kidz is a place where the children learn their heritage rights as little ones in the Kingdom of God. All children are blessed beyond measure as they partake in the King Kidz lessons that are taught by anointed teachers who enjoy being appointed to the department.

— Word Walkers (Ages 13-16)

The Word Walkers are a group of youth who love Jesus. They are out going and persistent in becoming great achievers in life for the Kingdom of God. The Word Walkers are dedicated to learning their heritage rights as heirs of the covenant with God. The Word Walkers stand on this and know that their purpose is great. The Word Walkers motto is: 2 Corinthians 5:7, which states, “For we walk by faith and not by sight”. If you are looking for a place where your teen could grow in the things of God, then we encourage you to bring them to the Word Walkers. They will never be the same!

— Young Adult (Ages 17-24)

Our young adults ministry department is currently being shaped to balance the goals for the House Campus. Please come back periodically to see the latest update on the progress.

— Music Department

The Music Department is one of the most important areas. The Music Department is here to help us as a corporate body in the church to enter in to worship and praise. The Music Department is a must in a church setting, it helps to break things within the atmosphere, without worship or praise, entering to the presence of God feels empty before the teachings in the church setting. The House Campus likes to say that, the Music Department is like the appetizer before the meal.