Project Seed

*Project Seed is a community outreach program design to support the local area for abuse men, women and children. Project Seed also help support the local City by providing short term pilot programs for the homeless in various locations. These programs helps provide hope for the human soul.
*Project Seed supports by providing clothes, food, job training, mentors and scholarship programs, just to name a few.
*Project Seed focus is always helping those that fell short from the trails of life, but has chosen to seek God first and needs help getting back on their feet.
*Project Seed is ideal for those that love doing community support, but do not have the hours to put in for this type of assignment.
*Project Seed is a minimum monthly donation commitment of $48. If you have a desire to support women homes, group homes or to help in educating those that have lost their jobs and now is homeless. Project Seed is this just for you. Start your project seed giving today!

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